Toronto blogger Setareh Hosseini is passionate makeup artist who has always had a fascination with Astrology.

Along with each makeup look, Setareh gave a description of characteristics people with that sign have, which explained the beauty choices she made. And so, below you will find each of the 12 makeup looks for every zodiac sign with their accompanying descriptions.

So, if you love horoscope and makeup here is a stunning series of beauty look for every star sign in the zodiac.

She is fearless and passionate protected by its horns who are always directed to new battles.

Stubborn and strong-willed, Taureanus always are pushing themselves beyond the limits.
Makeup Looks for Every Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Contradictory and absurd logic it’s most typical for this sign, which see themselves where others fail.

Makeup Looks for Every Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Gentle as the moon, there are emotional, but do not want it to show.

Strong smile and serene – such are the Lions and never remain unnoticed.

Virgins are fair, intelligent and always penetrate deep into the essence of things.

Her charisma is unique and does not remain unnoticed and her voice gets deep into the soul.
Makeup Looks for Every Zodiac Sign: Libra

They are hypnotic and full of passion, power and intuition.Sagittarius
Tireless adventurers, they never cease to look for deeper meaning of things.

Her determination and independence admire. It’s a pragmatist in every sense of the word.
Makeup Looks for Every Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

It’s is like a mad scientist whom life day and night spent in a laboratory studying the sense of the world.

Mysterious, beautiful and charming, Pisces are like an ocean with emotion without septh.