You have a few options if you want perfect eyebrows! The first and the easiest one is to go to a salon and get them threaded or waxed. If you have the skill, you can create the perfect shape yourself. Before you grab the tweezers pay attention! First figure out what shape is perfect for you, then decide how thin or thick to go. With great eyebrows you can boost your confidence on a much higher level.

Finding the right spot for your brows to start is the key for creating ideal brows.

Because starting too far can throw off the balance of your face. Therefore you must be very precise. So, use the following technique:

  • With pencil line it up from the corner of your eye to the edge of your nose.
  • The place where the instrument overlaps your brow is where it should begin. Mark with a dot and repeat on the other side.

Second thing you need is to find the spot where your arch should peak. Use the eyeliner pencil to figure out where your arch should peak by technique below:

  • Look straight ahead in the mirror
  • Line up the outer edge of your nostril and the edge of your iris. Mark with a dot repeating on the both side.

Choosing the right place for brow to end is as important as where it begins .

  • Line up from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. The place where the instrument crosses your outer brow is the place should end. So, mark the spot with a dot using eyeliner pencil.

The shape of your eyebrows, respectively the thickness may not be perfect for someone, although is for you. That is a personal decision that should be  followed by this facts:

  • Size of your eye. If they are small, thick brows might overshadow them, or if your ayes are on the bigger side, thicker brows can help balance them out.
  • A good general rule is that your eyebrows should be about the same thickeness as your upper lip.
  • If you have a low brow bone which is set close to your eyes, you will want to pull up your brows a bit to lighten the area.

And the last and most important is your style preferences. Someone prefer thick, bushy eyebrows, and someone prefer thin and well-tailored.

So, brash your brow hairs up, tweeze the hairs outside the dots you drew and don’t over pluck. Good luck!






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