If you are looking for a travel destinations that will change your perspectives on life and will leave you breathless, below is a list of most inspiring travel destinations some bloggers have shared. There is so much out to see, taste, touch and experience in this big, beautiful world that it is impossible to cram it all in, so enjoy!travel destinations


Svalbard, Norway – Going up north and past the North Pole direction that feels endlessly inspiring. Heading to places of northerly latitudes has held a mystery for nearly every little child. About 60% of it is glacier-covered and being able to see this that is created from rain and show thousands of years ago is an extraordinary feeling, especially in a world spinning in constant state od modernization. Probably svalbard is full of quirky surprises, but life here is more stripped back, there aren’t all the conveniences of modern technology that make every day life easier and as a result women are not allowed to give birth on Svalbard. Instead a few weeks earlier they take the one-hour flight to Tromso in mainland Norway to do so.

Tempelfjorden this afternoon💙this fjord is located 50 kilometers from Longyearbyen with snowmobile. #winter #fairytale #cold #beautiful #visitnorway #visitsvalbard #svalbard #light #arctic @gmn #yrbilder #nrktroms @northernnorway @mittnordnorge @mittnorge @ilovenorway @ilove_northern_norway #tv2været @tv2offisiell @nrk @nrklindmo @nrknatur @beautifuldestinations @ig_nordnorge @ignorway #beautifuldestinations #visitnorway @visitnorway @visitnorway_uk @visitscandinavia @travelchannel #travelchannel #globetrekker #travelling #travels #travelphotography #traveler #travelmuse #travelgrams #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #earthpix #outsidemagazine @outsidemagazine #discoverglobe @discoverglobe #lonelyplanetmags @lonelyplanetmags

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Takeover by @terjenergard : When you visit Svalbard, take a trip to the ice cave at Larsbreen and see the magic for yourself! #longyearbyen #winter #fairytale #cold #beautiful #visitnorway #visitsvalbard #svalbard #light #arctic @gmn #yrbilder #nrktroms @northernnorway @mittnordnorge @mittnorge @ilovenorway @ilove_northern_norway #tv2været @tv2offisiell @nrk @nrklindmo @nrknatur @beautifuldestinations @ig_nordnorge @ignorway #beautifuldestinations #visitnorway @visitnorway @visitnorway_uk @visitscandinavia @travelchannel #travelchannel #globetrekker #travelling #travels #travelphotography #traveler #travelmuse #travelgrams #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #earthpix #outsidemagazine @outsidemagazine #discoverglobe @discoverglobe #lonelyplanetmags @lonelyplanetmags

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The Philippines – Thousands of kids are living in Manila’s largest dumpsite and making their live hood by picking up the garbage. The people living there don’t have really a future, but they did not forget how to smile. Here you will really taught a lesson. Happiness has nothing to do with wealth, humanity shines even brighter amidst poverty.

Bulog Dos Island, Coron, Palawan —Photo by @haylsa— #coron @topdestinationsph 🇵🇭

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German Island, Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan —Photo by @jordanmouyal— #palawan @topdestinationsph 🇵🇭

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Coron, Palawan, Philippines (📸 @patymoreno8) #topdestinationsph

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Bosnia & Herzegovina – After visiting Srebrenica (where the biggest genocide since WW2 took place) and watching six hours of BBC documentary about the war you will be in shock. There are genuine feeling of gratefulness for life and you will see that it so unappreciated elsewhere.

"Best of the Adriatic in 14 Days" tour with #rickstevestours (link in bio).

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Myanmar – Being the most devote Buddhist country in the world, having only recently opened to tourism and being home to ancient civilizations where cultures and religions met, this place felt like being in another world. Adding to the experience is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious past and present: Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus live as neighbors.

Monks on a morning walk at the Schwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar.

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Antarctica – A continent with no countries, with no war, with no murders, with no office blocks. A pure continent of peace, tranquility and extremes. Antarctica is the coldest, driest, windiest and least visited continent on the planet. You can go from hiking up Cuverville island to landing on the mainlaind at Neko harbor. Maybe most inspiring place to be.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – You will be knocked off your socks of this very romantic Mediterranean town. The old part of the place is nestled between Old City walls, where you can climb up and take a walk while the sun sets ate horizon. Beautiful beach spots, kayaking or hiking, charming bars and Srd that rises behind the Old Town are some of the amazing things of Dubrovnik.

Teotihuacan, Mexico – If you are obsessed with the Mayas and Aztecs, their religion and pyramids, this is the place to be. Teotihuacan, the so called Place of Gods where all the magic happens. The ruins are truly magical, standing on the Sun of the Moon Pyramid looking down to the Avenue of the Dead along which the victims walked the last time just before they got scarified is powerful and speechless.

Australia – It is such an incredibly beautiful and diverse land, with exotic animals, ideal climate and STUNNING landscapes that change from the red, dusty outback, to wetlands filled with gorges and waterfalls, to farmlands and vineyards, and some of the world’s most stunning beaches.

Taiwan – The kindest people you will ever meet. How could such an amazing people, cultures and country not inspire you to travel the world?

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