Love at first sight? Do you believe? Take a quick look at the Women’s Puma Bow Basket Heart Shoes and you’ll be convinced it does really exist. You will love this silk laces and a unique design

Adorable and fun, these Puma bow sneakers are sure to make hearts flutter as you strut on by.

Dressed for maximum style and eye-catching good looks, the Puma bow Basket Heart features an allover patent leather upper. Tied up with a pretty satin bow, these comfy meets cute sneakers go with everything from your favorite jeans to leggings to skirts.
The design makes them unique and of course they’ll be more trendy when spring arrives. As can be seen they’re made of patent leather.

The laces are much wider than normal laces and that makes the shoes a little bit more special. The shoes come with normal laces and silk laces, but I prefer the silk laces because it makes them different than other sneakers.

Puma released few variants inspired by this model. Black, white, pink, sky blue, all of them with huge straps for makeing perfect bow.

Do not hesitate and buy it right now!


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