The arrival of the new year sets our mind on the goals to be achieve for the year to come. This time we will focus on trends to predict what will be “in“, and what “out” in the coming year.

1. Dark matt lipstick on your lips
You must have noticed that wearing darker lipstick is getting more attractive. Even mover, one of the main trends in this year are matte, not glossy lipsticks. However, no matter how much we love and how much we enjoy the full matt and dark lips, makeup artists think differently – we are replace matte carmine for those shiny new in 2017. Additionally you can find trendy lipsticks from many brands, such as Loreal, Max Factor, Revlon, Rimmel, etc.

2. Highlighter mac
Probably, the thing that will remain attractive in the new year is the shiny product called highlighter. Little discreet flashes on the cheekbones, the chin, below the eyebrows and the corners of your eyes can make your face look amazing, fresh and with natural shine. So, definitely keep this product in your dressing case.

3. Lips in unexpected colors
When it’s time for lipsticks, many of us recognize solely red, pink and shades of this colors. However 2016 brought us some unexpected colors of lipsticks such as black, blue, green, purple, yellow … But will this “crazy” trend remain the same in 2017, we’ll see.

4. Art in makeup
In fact makeup today is much more than “just” makeup. It is an art form, and many girls have shown that it takes skill to perform flawlessly. Many things we have seen during this year, and some of it and are untried. Well, we will stay to admire the trend next year.