Little black dress is a synonymous for a elegance! Topic that always will be relevant and the fact is that there is no more powerful piece of clothe of the little black dress.

Wearing a black dress is almost a right choice  for every occasion, whenever it is a day at the office, dinner with friends or night out to a movie. Although the trends are changing, some models of this little black dresses are always standard piece of a clothes of the woman.

Little Black Dress
Little Black Dress

Casual dress is the first in the list and the piece that you will love all the year round. It is ideal for relaxing days and perfectly comfortable. The only thing that this piece required are good shoes in the summer days, while in the colder period you can impress with a leather jacket and a pair of boots.

Dosed sexy, suitable for layered clothing during the day as well as for sophisticated evening edition. Dress straight-cut knee-length classic’s formal wardrobe which are pair of black stilettos for a day at the office, while for the night out you only need is a sandals with thin straps.

Also in the closet is good to have and a black A-line dress. The classic silhouette of the ‘50s still is charming, also paired with ballet shoes and can be elegant with high heel sandals. Little Black DressLittle Black Dress

Lace black dress will make your outfit glamorous and romantic, so we are definitely adding to the list. Dresses decorated with shiny stones, feathers or flods ideal for festive occasions.

Of course it can not be avoided “statement” that this piece of clothe is evening formal dress code.

If you have collected black little dresses over the years, you can be sure that you have a wildcard for absolutely every opportunity that requires any trimming.



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