The old saying goes “you are what you wearing”. For ideal look are not required rigorous diets and sweating in the gym. Have you ever thought that ideal choice of color to your outfit can make you look thinner? Here are few tips that will help you look fantastic.

Irrespective of how much your body is thick, there are several tricks that will make it looks slender and elongated. We are representing the trick with the color of clothes.


Clothe up in the same color from head to heel, because that abstract attention of passersby and make you look taller, so your legs will seem like they are longer.

You can decide for the same color or there is one more trick. Trick is about that you can pick the same tones of the spectrum of colors. For example, blue-green, plum, lavender and magenta with pink. However, remember, darker color will make you look thinner, due the fact that we suggest to use dark colors to the critical parts of your body.