Small, large, impressionable, wide, thin, vertical, horizontal, however we adore them, especially in the summer.

Stripes refreshes each appearance and ate the same time are elegant and relaxed.

Everybody can wear them and to combine with bright colors or other patterns as flowers or dots.

When stripes were back on the runway in the high fashion for the moment have become inexhaustible source for inspiration to many followers of fashion. How much this trend is popular, prove the fact that for a very short time become favorite between Hollywood’s ladies and fashion bloggers.

Every combination with stripes makes to look different and original. However, they cannot be reserved exclusively for clothes. You can pick one that’s in the form of fashion accessories such as the handbags, jewelry or gloves.

Play with the colors, vertical or horizontal lines and release your fantasy. Just like that you will create your ideal combination.

Although clothes with stripes sometimes are difficult to wear, there is no room for fear.

Some girls are afraid, because think that the horizontal lines can make them look thick, which is totally inaccurate. Here are some tips and tricks:

1* Ignore the myth that horizontal bands already make you look thick. The recent studies have shown that is not true, so if that was the reason you didn’t wear clothes with stripes, your fears are unfounded.

2* Broader stripe – clearer look. First of all you can try with polo neck. Thinner stripes are more appropriate for work with combination with pants.

3* If you don’t want to experiment, try neutral colors. If you don’t want anything with stripes and do not want to make a mistake, then be careful to be in the same shade as other parts you are wearing.

4* Black & white is a classic, but don’t be afraid from others combinations. Bright colors of stripes with neutral pattern may appear fantastic.




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