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If you feel that your feed on Instagram, which is full of photos from fashion bloggers – you are not alone!

Instagram already has gained the status of “fashion” social network. So fashion bloggers simply can not resist the urge to share their photos with the latest outfit  they are wearing.

As the old Lation saying “Repetition is the mother of knowledge” – fashion blogger daily edit their photos in applications such as Photoshop and similar applications to gain knowledge.

So, their photos look seamlessly, regardless of whether they are photo with their camera portret or simply Sunday brunch.


So how do they manage?

Below is a video tutorial recoded by fashion blogger Marianna Hewitt which you can find on her blog  LifeWithMe.com. In this video Marianna will guide you throw all stages of editing photos from application such as FaceTune, VSCO camera and Faded.

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